How Long Does Methadone Stay In Urine And Body System

How Long Does Methadone Stay In Urine And Body System

Methadone is a type of drug of opioids. It is used for those patients who have an addiction to narcotic pain medicines and heroin. Methadone also used for a high level of pain reliever. From 1937 to 1939, Gustav Ehrhart and Max Bockmuhl developed this drug. And in 1947, the United States approved this drug for medication.

The brand name Dolophine is the most sold name of methadone. Sometimes the patient has a negative thought about this drug, and they think it is an intoxication drug.

But how long it stays in your systems is an essential aspect for the physician, while the consumer is treating for addiction condition. The longer it will remain in a human body, another dose cannot incorporate. How long methadone stay in urine is an essential factor to avoid toxicity and other complications.

What methadone means

It is a powerful synthetic pain reliever drug. That is relatively the same effect as morphine but less in sedative and used for the treatment of those patients who has an addiction to heroin and narcotic pain medicines.

It’s an opioids drugs and also a prescribed medication. It’s also a narcotic drug because of this drug interaction with the brain. So when patients try to give up intoxication drugs. Firstly, they face some lousy effect; in this case, methadone helps to get out this type of adverse outcome.

structure Of Methadone-min

Without prescribed or suggesting by your doctor, take this drug is harmful to patients. So the patients before taking this medicine consulting with the doctor or physicians, where they give the patients perfect dosage. Because all the patient body condition is not the same. So different patients have different dosage according to their body condition, and a doctor or a physician decide the dosage. The way of administering methadone is injection or tablets.

So when the patients have taken the correct dosages of this drug. It blocked the withdrawal symptoms by triggering and binding to opioid receptors and also reduce drug carvings without causing the patient to feel sleepy or high. It interacts in the human body very slowly, and it stays at least 24 to 36 hours. That how it works in the body.

When will it be prescribe

Prescription medicines do not have an extensive safety index. They do not prescribe without proper diagnosis. Methadone is a prescription drug that means it will not sell without an appropriate valid prescription.

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When pain medications are not working on an individual, the physician gets stuck in an awkward position to fix the patients problem. The patients become resistant to pain medications.

So the proper way is to change the tradition pain medication and give the consumer a synthetic drug, which is methadone. So methadone is prescribed as an alternative to pain medication most of the time.

As typical pain medications do not work, the synthetic opioid prescribed. It starts to work in the patients, who were ineffective by the standard pain medications.

It also used as a medication which helps to relief from withdrawal symptoms.

The working mechanism of methadone

Methadone works similarly as the opioids do. The typically prescribed opioids are morphine type drugs. The standard working mechanism is that the drug changes the way about how our brain reacts to pain. But has a slower working rate than morphine.

When we feel the pain, our brain works in a particular fashion. Come, chemical changes occur, which triggers our central nervous system and nerves all around the body. Methadone interferes with this mechanism.

Methadone interferes with the opioid receptors of the brain. It works as an agonist. When the opioid receptors are supposed to get triggered, the drug goes and interacts with the opioid receptor. Thus the brain and central nervous system cannot exert the common pain effect.

In case of the part of replacement therapy of other opioid drug addiction, methadone gives a similar kind of effect as the opioid. It exerts its influence slowly and does not create dependency. The prescribed drug does not create any reliance on the patients.

This drug is also absorbed slowly and gives a similar effect to the opioid medication. But overdose may create euphoria effect.

Adverse effects of methadone

There is no time fixed for methadone to be used to be relieved from addiction and how long one has to take the medication. But an estimated time would be around one year. In the meantime, methadone might cause various side effects.

• Tiredness

• Nausea or vomiting

• Breathing problems like the slowness of breathing

• Scratchy skin

• Heavy sweating

• Constipation

• Sexual problems

Adverse effects of methadone-min

Some side effects are more urgent if it starts to show. Physicians must contact.

• The patient is having difficulty breathing

• Feel lightheaded or faint

• Get hives or a rash

• Lips swell up, tongue, throat, or face may also swell up

• Heartbeat increases and shows chest pain

• Drowsiness which forces the patient to see hallucination

Long-time use might cause respiratory problems. Women may be irregularities in the period cycle, which is very common for the regular use of methadone.

If the drug not maintained at the proper dose, the most lethal side effect would be an addiction. Methadone is a highly effective drug. Getting addiction or dependency from the use of methadone is not impossible.

Avoid getting addiction methadone itself prescription should always follow. If a dose missed and it is almost time for another dose, then the skipped dose should be ignored, and the next dose should take in the proper time.

In the case of methadone used as a pain medication, the missed pill should take as soon as the drug remembered. And from the next dose, the cycle must be continued.

Let's discuss how long does methadone stay in the body system

How long does methadone stays in urine

As it takes a long time to get out of our body, the concentration of the body should keep at a level which should not harm the consumer. For some people, it takes around 60 hours. It should keep under proper surveillance as these patients show slow metabolism so the urine should check to find out the optimum dose.

The amount of time methadone stays in our body. Methadone can determine by seeing if it is in a urine sample because methadone gets out of the body with urine. The one who has a faster metabolism rate will exert the medicine quickly.

If the patient has a slower metabolism rate, the drug will get out of the body slowly.

Half-life of methadone

The synthetic opioid methadone possesses one of the most extended half-lives. The drug stays our system for the almost full day to those for who takes it for opioid as opioid treatment. So the dose should maintain for nearly around 55 hours.

Does methadone get in your bones

In nowadays, the patients using methadone for relieving who has a problem with narcotic pain medicines and heroin. Some patients have such a question that does methadone get in your bones. But the matter is that methadone never gets in the human body bones or any harams to the skeletal system.

Researchers conclusions that when the patient’s recovery, the pain of bones and aches are not causing by the methadone. This medicine used as thirty-five years or more and millions of the patients is using it.

This pain of bones is may because of mineral deficiency, leukaemia problem, disturb of blood supply, etc. So methadone never gets rid of the human body bones. This type of question called methadone myths because patients have no clarity about it. There also some methadone myth. Such as is it damage the human body, lower the dosage of it is suitable for health, it harms to the pregnant women, etc. which all are incorrect.

Does methadone get in your teeth

Methadone is a kind of drug, which helps to get rid of the addiction to heroin and many narcotic pain reliever drugs. So nowadays methadone is good interaction or contact with the patients. Besides side effects such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, anxiety, insomnia, sedation, sweating, etc.

The doctor suggested the patients for good by their body conditions. But it must be kept away from the children. Some patients have thought that does methadone get in your teeth. The matter is that methadone is like other medication which causes dry mouth.

In the mouth, lacking saliva can produce the teeth more prone to the occurrence of plaque which is a significant cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Where methadone enlarges carving for food and sugary carbonated beverages which can direct interacted with the teeth and make the teeth worse or damage. This tooth problem not happening while when the patients clean his or her teeth properly.

So the thing is that methadone is getting into the teeth where the patients were not clean their teeth correctly. It is not that only methadone does harm to the teeth also the other medication harm too. Now on the patients should have to clean their teeth properly after taking food and even wake up from sleep. This method may help the patients to get rid of the dental problem, and this drug has no relation to harm the teeth.

Withdrawal symptoms

Patients show the symptoms. If a medication suddenly stopped from providing it to the consumer. It occurs because the drug gets a hold of the patient, and he starts to get dependent on them.

The symptoms which shown as withdrawal symptoms are irritability, fatigue, shaking, sweating, and nausea, etc.

These withdrawals can easily avoid if the medication slowly reduced when the patients get better. But if the dose cannot decrease gradually, then methadone prescribe to help the patient get relief from these symptoms.


So before taking the Methadone, people should be consulting with the physicians and be aware of it. And also that the medicine must keep away from the children.

Final Thoughts

We know that methadone is a medicine or drug which helps us to relieve from heroin effect and narcotic pain problem, such as who has depended on those things. The results are more significant when it is not combined with other medications, such as antibiotics, anticonvulsant drugs, etc.

As methadone is a highly addictive drug, it should not use without a proper prescription. Methadone stays in urine for a long time. So the dose of the medicine should maintain.

But the matter is without knowing its perfect dosages and forms; it can cause fatal problems. As methadone is a highly addictive drug, it should not use without a proper prescription. Methadone stays in urine for a long time. Without knowing the dosages of this drug can also cause death. So the dose of the medicine should maintain.


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